I’m sure about something: this is a scary world and you make me better. With your laugh, your straight.

You gave me calm and certainty when I didn’t know I had it.

sometimes I freak out because life happened to me.

But you, you bring me back every time. And when you find that, you should be grateful.

I’m grateful.

And just as my tears flow.
I let my fears go.

They are no longer a part of me. Because now I understand that a life lived in love is better than a life lived in fear.

And just as I breathe with the certainty that I’m here.
So I welcome hope.

Breathe with the certainty that you exist.
Breathe with the assurance that you are alive.
Breathe with the confidence that you will always be loved.

Because you are.

Y así como se corrieron mis lagrimas.

Así también se corrieron mis miedos.

Ya no son parte de mi. Porque ahora entiendo que una vida vivida con amor es mejor que una vida vivida con miedo.

Y así como respiro.

Así le doy la bienvenida a las alegrías, a la esperanza.

Respirar con la certeza de que existo.

Respirar con la seguridad de que estoy viva.

Respirar con la seguridad de que soy amada.

Porque lo soy.

Porque tu también lo eres.

Porque somos amados.

Jess Urdanet

WE the humans.

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